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About L.O.V.E Foundation

L.O.V.E Foundation is an NGO involved in Fertility Awareness and Support

It's area of specialty is Fertility and Reproductive Health by creating awareness, providing education and support on Fertility and Reproductive Health.





Our Services

What we do


Fertility Counseling Program

We have online and onsite Fertility Counseling Programs for Couples & Individuals who are: * Trying to conceive. * Interested in sex selection and natural family planning. * Interested in getting knowledge about their reproductive health.


Fertility Awareness/Education

We have programs where we educate the public on various Fertility and Reproductive Health topics on all our social media platforms: * Fertility seminars in corporate organizations, religious organizations and schools. *Monthly Fertility seminars on Whatsapp.


Adoption Consultancy

For people who are interested in adopting children whether they have theirs or not.


Fertility Screening/Treatment Support

We support/sponsor individuals/couples who need treatment but cannot afford it.

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Success Stories, To Know About L.O.V.E Foundation.

Real people. Testimonies of how our walk with you on your fertility journey can change everything. Talk to us about your fertility journey. Let us help...

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